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A “Sustainability Dashboard” for the Seafood Industry 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 8am Wellington, 11am San Franscisco, 2pm New York, 8pm Paris 

Featuring Katherine Short

Hosted by LP

Sponsored by NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation and Sea Grant Programs


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Sustainable seafood momentum is improving fishery and aquaculture operations globally, but the marine environment and ecosystem services underpinning seafood production continue to decline. Seafood companies must understand their impacts and dependencies on ecosystem services and effectively share restoration and recovery efforts and costs.  Leading sustainable businesses use integrated reporting which includes financial and technical material risk analysis. Although major seafood companies are beginning to report such risks and costs, inconsistent criteria and metrics tailored for seafood production results in mixed approaches and “greenwashing.”

Micheli et al, (2014) created 30 environment and social governance criteria (30ESGc) to systematically assess seafood. Coupled with ecosystem service analysis tools, these criteria provide a “dashboard” and a more methodical way to aggregate sustainability efforts in seafood companies, as well as define who could or should invest and how much to invest in marine ecosystem restoration. 

katherineSince 1996, Katherine Short has been an innovator in marine fisheries conservation, global sustainability and ecosystem-based fishery management. She  worked with WWF, the conservation organisation to grow the uptake of the Marine Stewardship Council in New Zealand (1996-99), Australia (1999-2004) and then globally from the WWF International headquarters in Switzerland (2004 to 2011). En route back to New Zealand, she completed a sponsored Masters at Imperial College London in order to explore ecosystem services and seafood sustainability. Now Katherine runs F.L.O.W. Collaborative Ltd (Fisheries.Livelihoods.Oceans.Well-being.) and Terra Moana Ltd, a business partnership with Tony Craig, a New Zealand seafood industry veteran. Together, they are bringing collaborative natural capital and ecosystem service approaches to primary industry and, as sustainability advisers, to the largest Maori seafood company, Moana New Zealand.
If this time is inconvenient for you, please note that all webinars are recorded and posted here.

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