A Blue Carbon Science Toolkit


Five Masters of Environmental Management students at Duke University have partnered with LabEx Mer to create a Blue Carbon Science Toolkit. The goal of the toolkit is to provide resource managers with key information on how to estimate carbon content of coastal ecosystems and essential understanding of carbon markets through an open access platform. Over the summer, part of the Duke team worked in coordination with Conservation International to perform a gap analysis and needs assessment to ensure the feasibility, diffusion, and adoption of the blue carbon toolkit. Read more...

Conference Catch Up

Coming Up:

Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 9-13 November 2015

Like in Bali (2013), we will host a full two days of marine and coastal ecosystem services sessions within the ESP 2015 conference. THESE ARE NOT YOUR AVERAGE CONFERENCE SESSIONS! We’ve designed nearly 2 full days of interactive sharing and networking.

There will be three major sessions:

  • Application of MCES in the Real World: from local to national and supranational levels, Tuesday, 10 November 2015, 10-12:30. Co-hosted by Alexander van Oudenhoven and Linwood Pendleton.